VPX Meltdown: The Science Behind Meltdown Liquid Technology

VPX Sports Meltdown Fat Burner is ONE of a kind.

What other fat incinerator combines the synergistic fat burning power of beta-adrenergic agonists (caffeine, N-Methyl-Tyramine HCL, Hordenine HCL) and alpha adrenergic antagonists (Yohimbine HCl, alpha-Yohimbine and 11-Hydroxy Yohimbine). None. In simpler terms, VPX Sports Meltdown activates fat burning mechanisms in your body while simultaneously blocking the internal biochemistry that prevents you from burning fat. How does it do this? By activating one of the body’s vital fat burning hormones called Norepinephrine (NE). The synergistic effects of Meltdown’s unique ingredient blends separate it from every other so-called fat burner on the market, which results in serious fat loss! Most fat burners on the market just increase fat mobilization, whereas Meltdown increases fat burning while preventing fat storage. 

The Yohimbine Synergistic Fat Loss Trifecta

Yohimbine is an alpha-2-antagonist, which merely means it exerts its fat loss magic by blocking the alpha-2 receptors. This is critical for fat loss because it increases blood flow in adipose tissue. As a result, it ramps up internal fat metabolism causing previously stored body fat to be released into the bloodstream and burned as energy. Alpha-2 receptors send the signal to your body to store fat. To help you better understand, VPX Meltdown can be compared to a bouncer is that standing in front of the refrigerator; it lets you take fat out and refuses to let you save any food or fat in the fridge. This process is known as lipolysis. Yohimbine also works by increasing Norepinephrine (NE) – one of the body’s principal lipolytic (fat burning) hormones.

Synergistic Tri-Matrix

Meltdown contains three potent blends of the fat loss agent Yohimbine (Yohimbine HCl, 11-Hydroxy & Alpha Yohimbine). The scientific marvel is that Yohimbine HCl, 11-Hydroxy Yohimbine and alpha-Yohimbine work synergistically to increases fat burning. Yohimbine receptor sites are concentrated in the stubborn fat areas of the butt, thighs, and abdomen.

Research indicates that 11-hydroxy Yohimbine has a strong alpha-2 adrenergic receptor affinity that significantly increases fat metabolism. 11-Hydroxy Yohimbine is of great interest in creating the world’s most hardcore fat burner because regular Yohimbine yields a roughly 32 percent increase in the fat burning hormone, whereas 11-Hydroxy Yohimbine yields an even more impressive research proven 56 percent increase in the potent fat burning hormone, NE! You can see why we have opted to include it in Meltdown. With the combined effect of alpha-Yohimbine and 11-hydroxy Yohimbine as contained in Meltdown, there is going to be a dual acting fat loss process.

11-Hydroxy Yohimbine exhibits an increase in the binding ability to alpha-2 adrenergic receptors by up to 10 times. The half-life of 11-hydroxy Yohimbine is approximately 8-11 hours, compared to Yohimbine’s two-hour half-life. 11-Hydroxy Yohimbine offers a definite advantage over Yohimbine in alpha-2 adrenergic receptors binding affinity and a more prolonged half-life in blood. The body converts Yohimbine to 11-hydroxy metabolite in the liver. Consequently, it is Meltdown’s unique Yohimbine Tri-Matrix that works synergistically to increase unmatched norepinephrine-induced fat burning in both potency and duration of action.

Comparing Other Fat Burners to Meltdown is Like Comparing a Tricycle to a Stealth Bomber

Meltdown is the world’s most scientifically sophisticated advanced fat burner. It’s powered by a pharmaceutically inspired polymer based lipid delivery system called PolyLipid. This “steady state” technology delivers both rapid and sustained controlled-release of the powerful active Meltdown compounds. VPX is the father of liquid-delivered fat burners in the nutritional industry. To date, we have engineered and sold more liquid-delivered fat burning ingredients than all other companies combined! You won’t catch VPX doing any mindless “capsule within a capsule” nonsense. PolyLipid Delivery is advanced and authentic pharmaceutical science that dramatically improves the pharmacokinetics of fat burning compounds.

Other Key Ingredients in Meltdown

Theacrine: Theacrine provides a mild stimulant effect, as well as a calming effect. It is structurally similar to caffeine and has been reported to have antioxidant, anti-depressive, and calming effects properties. Theacrine gives you a calm, focused mind. Two studies to date have found that promoted a significant increase in energy, a reduction in fatigue, and improved concentration. Additionally, Theacrine works synergistically with caffeine for a clean, smooth energy, not jittery nervousness. Studies indicate that a single dose of Theacrine can elevate levels of dopamine in the brain. Increased dopamine is essential when dieting because dieting often causes a decrease in dopamine with dieting which causes a decrease in mood and low energy.

6-Paradol: Research shows that 6-paradol enhances the activity of brown adipose tissue(BAT). This particular type of fat, found in small amounts, can burn calories at a very high rate. Unlike white fat, which makes up the vast majority of the fat in our bodies and is used to store any excess calories we consume, brown fat burns calories to produce heat. In fact, when fully activated, brown fat generates three hundred times more heat than any other tissue in the body. Activation of brown fat results in higher calories burned amongst other benefits. BAT is the HOLY GRAIL for fat loss, and many pharmaceutical companies are in a race to patent a drug which increases brown adipose tissue.

N-Methyl-Tyramine HCL: A focus enhancer and increases energy. It enhances mood which can be negatively affected by dieting. It can produce these effects by stimulating the release of noradrenaline, a neurotransmitter involved fat burning.

Hordenine HCL: Researchers have indicated that Hordenine can provide increased energy expenditure in healthy people. This leads to more calories burned, even while you are not working out. Research suggests that hordenine exhibits similar effects as that of noradrenaline. Additionally, Hordenine acts as a MAO (Monoamine Oxidase) inhibitor. Hordenine acts as a noradrenaline reuptake modulator meaning it helps noradrenaline stay active longer in your body conveying stronger focus, alertness, and energy.

Bioperine: Helps increase the absorption of herbs and nutrients. Absorption has become a very controversial issue lately because recent research has shown you might only be absorbing 10-15 percent of the ingredients in your weight loss supplement.

SuperZine: Huperzine A benefits and effects arise from the fact that this compound increases acetylcholine levels in the brain. It stops the enzyme acetylcholinesterase from breaking down acetylcholine which means more availability for the receptor which yields better focus. Not only does this increase information retention and memory formation, but it can also boost concentration, mental clarity, and the ability to process or calculate data.

Meltdown Supports:
– Increases fat utilization and metabolism
– Increases in energy and focus
– Clean energy, no jitters
– Appetite Reduction

VPX Meltdown is currently on sale here.

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