How to Be a Successful Social Media Influencer on Instagram


Learn how to turn your Instagram profile into a business.



Social media platforms are constantly changing. In order to maintain your value as a social media influencer, the digital marketers at VPX Sports suggest following these tips for Instagram success.


Provide value to your followers. As you may or may not know, Instagram’s algorithm has since changed since its creation. Success and Instagram visibility is based off engagement. So, give your followers a reason to engage!


Social media influencers that have the most success in 2017 share posts that either impact, educate, or entertain. Work on building a community versus building an audience. The followers you’ll gain from this type of content are the ones that make your Instagram account appealing to businesses.


Be authentic. The best social media influencers communicate who they and what they stand for. Be relatable in order to make strong connections. These connections are what businesses look for when searching for influencers to represent their brands.


Use your Instagram posts to tell a story. Share your experiences – express your struggles and celebrate your triumphs. Avoid posting “ads” and instead share your favorite products and services with your followers, in a way that’s organic and authentic.


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