Are You Suffering from Sleep Deprivation?


Missing out on shut eye is hurting more than just your feelings the next day.



To put it simply, your body needs sleep. Rest is just as important as working out, hydration, and bathing. You know you’re supposed to get 7-8 hours of sleep a night, but what happens when you decide 3-4 is enough for a couple days at a time (such as the weekend)? Sleep deprivation is a serious performance killer, and VPX Sports is here to tell you why.


Obvious Signs of Sleep Deprivation

– You feel sleepy (duh)
– Yawning
– Irritability


Your Hunger Grows

If your brain is lacking the energy it needs, it’s going to start looking for an energy source – and it’s going to come from food. When you suffer from sleep deprivation, your body will increase its production of ghrelin, which is better known as the hunger hormone, and leptin, which is the satiety hormone. Too much ghrelin in your body makes you crave those bad-for-you foods, and too much leptin won’t signal your brain that you’ve actually had enough to eat.


You’re Gaining Weight

As your hunger grows, unfortunately, so do the numbers on the scale. Sleep deprivation reduces the ability of your fat cells to respond to insulin. Insulin is the hormone known for regulating energy. Constantly eating the bad-for-you foods and your lack of sleep directly effects your metabolism.


You’re Awfully Emotional

Whether you’re overly excited and happy or full of anxiety or anger, being sleep deprived can really mess with your emotions. You may feel impatient or prone to mood swings when you’re sleepy.


What Happened to Your Face?

They don’t call it beauty sleep for nothing! When you’re sleeping, your skin is producing collagen and working to repair damaged skin cells. Your collagen begins to decrease and you may breakout more often when you’re lacking sleep.


Now You See Me, Now You Don’t

When sleep deprived, you may have a hard time seeing. This is actually because you’re unable to control the muscle of your eye properly.


Are You Even Listening?

Sleep deprivation impairs attention, alertness, concentration, reasoning, and problem solving. Believe it or not, being sleepy can compromise your creativity and your ability to make decisions. You may even end up getting into microsleep throughout the day. Microsleep is the way to describe episodes of falling asleep for a few seconds without even realizing it. This can be extremely dangerous if you’re driving!


If you just can’t seem to get out of your sleepy slump, crack open an ice cold Bang Energy to stay focused and energized all day long!

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