Meltdown®: 1 KETO Caffeine Free


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Meltdown®: 1 KETOTM   Caffeine Free

Ketones are naturally produced in the body after consuming an ultra-low carbohydrate or ketogenic diet over an extended period of time. However, it can take many days for this to occur. Low carb dieting required for natural ketosis can also cause undesired side effects such as muscle loss, strength loss, fatigue, irritability, and reduced exercise performance.  Meltdown®: 1 KETOTM   Caffeine Free results in an immediate and significant increase in blood ketone levels without the side effects described above.

The problem with the current batch of keto supplements on the market is their horrible taste. Jack Owoc, CEO, CSO has developed a revolutionary new carbonated ketone product that tastes just as amazing as our best-selling Bang® Energy carbonated beverages.  Meltdown®: 1 KETOTM   Caffeine Free has three amazing keto carbonated flavors such as Grape Blade LemonadeTM, Peach MangoTM, and Citrus TwistTM.  Ketone bodies are water-soluble, thermodynamically efficient substrates that connect the brain with its most abundant energy supply.  During ketosis rapid fat burning takes place. Meltdown®: 1 KETOTM   Caffeine Free ® contains 7.5 grams of BHB ketones which enhance mental clarity, increases exercise performance, and enhances energy.

The ultra-delicious and super refreshing Meltdown®: 1 KETOTM   Caffeine Free beverage contains a potent 7,500 mg blend of four ketones. Research supports the capability of supplemental ketones to increase mental focus, enhance energy, and improve body composition when consumed on an empty stomach in conjunction with exercise.

Meltdown®: 1 KETOTM   Caffeine Free benefits may be enhanced when used in conjunction with The Bang Anti-Diet and other low carb diets such as, ketogenic and carnivore diets. Other potent ketone enhancing supplements include KETONZ and STRAIGHT 8.