How to be a Presentable Promo Model


Look the best and make the most out of your job working as a promo model.



Being a promo model can be a tough job when booking events left and right. You have to be your best at all times while on the job, making sure you are representing a company the exact way they want you to. But before you can actually work a gig, remember these important pieces that work together to make you not only look like an outstanding worker, but to actually be one. Below are a few things you should know in regard to what a real promo model should be like.


Read up on the product and company you’re going to be working for.

As a promo model, you never want to show up to an event completely oblivious about who you’re working for. Always have the upper hand on all the facts just so you’re ready for that one person who starts asking you a million questions!


Make sure you have all the supplies needed for the event.

Ever been unprepared without the right materials? It happens to the best of us – but it’s important not to make it a habit!  Figure out everything you’ll need to bring to have a great event. If you’re working with others, ask around who’s bringing what, and how the group can coordinate with one another.


Your hair must be properly styled.

You may say looks aren’t the most important thing, but remember: you’re representing someone else, and you have to look the way they want you to. Follow every direction on how they want your physical appearance to be. If your hair looks like a frizz ball, it’s time to go back to the drawing board – your hair should be styled straight or curled and primped to perfection.


Your make up should be on point.

Make yourself more inviting by putting a little color on your face! Don’t be afraid to use mascara, eyeshadow, and lipstick. Your makeup should always compliment your best features.


Be on time.

Nobody likes a promo model who doesn’t know how to listen to the clock. Always be responsible and show up to events ATLEAST a half hour to an hour before call time. Impress your staff by arriving earlier than usual and ready to get started!


Be involved throughout the event, which includes talking to spectators.

Being talkative and outgoing will get you far! Customers want to approach models who show their enthusiasm through their work ethic. Put a smile on your face, laugh often, and enjoy yourself while meeting new people.


Be friendly to your fellow co-workers.

Someone is always going to be watching and will more than likely report how you did to management. Be on your absolute best behavior and remember to be kind. No harm can come out of being a nice individual to the people you are working with. Show how well you work with others in any situation you are put in.

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