How to Motivate Yourself Monday through Friyay!


We’ve got all the motivation you need right here!


Fridays are exciting, but can also drag on when/if you tend to stare at the clock. Even if you truly love your job, every once in a while you can still get the Friday blues – they’re kind of like the Monday blues, but instead of missing the weekend, you’re craving it! It’s easy to get distracted and lose focus, but here at VPX Sports, we’ve came up with a few tips to help keep you on track. We wouldn’t suggest doing them all at once, otherwise you’ll spend your Friday having fun instead of working, but try a few to get rid of those weekend-craving blues!


Here’s how you can motivate yourself on a day where you’re lagging:

Start the day off with a morning workout!

Getting up and moving first thing in the morning allows you to feel accomplished early on.

Make your bed every morning.

It’s a small task that can make you feel genuinely accomplished.

Use your entire lunch hour.

Get out of the office and treat yoself!

Drink a Bang Energy.

It’s seriously the best afternoon pick me up. #Winning

Keep it movin’!

Blast your favorite songs and have a Meredith Grey & Cristina Yang 30-Second Dance Party in your office, or even right at your desk.

Take some shots.

You can motivate yourself with a Redline Xtreme Shot! However, we suggest a quick workout sesh right after consuming this bad boy!

Drink water.

Being hydrated can greatly alter your mood for the better!

Start organizing.

Trust us, it’s fun once you get the hang of it. Then you’ll think to yourself how did I ever live any other way!? Find a system and stick to it.

Have a positive outlook on life itself.

We tend to procrastinate the most when we are in a bad mood. Creating a positive outlook is a great way to motivate yourself.

Celebrate small goals.

Acknowledge all the work you’ve already done on your way to achieving a larger goal – and never forget – TREAT YOSELF!

Become your own motivation.

No one else is going to push you as hard as you’ll push yourself to attain your goals/dreams.


Hope this list gives you the #motivation you might need, not only on friyay, but every other day of the week!

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