Do You Have Low Potassium?


We’re sure you know that bananas are full of potassium, but are you aware of how important potassium really is?


When you hear the word potassium, you probably think of bananas. Bananas are definitely full of potassium, but there are plenty of other foods that are rich in this mineral, too. Do you think you’re getting enough potassium in your diet? If you’re unsure, how can you tell?



Why We Need Potassium

Your body needs potassium to help your muscles contract and to maintain normal blood pressure. Potassium is also what keeps your heart beating regularly. It can reduce your risk of kidney stones, and decrease risk of bone loss as you get older. The body needs potassium to help regulate water balance, which correlates directly with sodium intake. Low potassium can really mess with your body without you even realizing it.


The truth is, most people have low potassium levels.



How Do You Know If You Have Low Potassium?

– If you’re always tired, you may have a potassium deficiency. If you know you’re getting enough sleep but continuously feel exhausted, you need to increase your potassium intake.

– If your muscles begin to cramp, ache, or spasm throughout the day or while exercising, your body is lacking potassium.

– If you have high blood pressure. If your sodium-potassium balance is off, your blood vessel walls can become constricted and result in hypertension.

– If you often feel faint or light-headed at times during the day. As potassium differs throughout the entire day, a large drop can slow down your heartbeat, which can make you feel like you’re about to pass out.



How Can You Get More Potassium?

Chances are the more processed foods you eat, the less potassium you have in your body. In many processed foods, sodium takes place of potassium; however, our potassium intake needs to be double our sodium intake. This is due to the fact that potassium is one of the minerals that helps to regulate water balance in our bodies. Don’t fret. If you have low potassium, there are plenty of foods that can help to increase your potassium intake.

– Spinach
– Sweet potato
– Plain yogurt
– Bananas
– Broccoli
– Cantaloupe
– Tomatoes
– Salmon
– Oranges
– Macadamia nuts
Bang Energy
– Coconut water
– Milk

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