When and How to Change Your Workout Routine


What do you do when your workout isn’t working for you?


Starting a regular exercise program is a great way to try new things, learn discipline, push your body, and more. The whole process of building muscle is about your body adapting to different types of stress. What that being said, you can’t continue to adapt and grow by using the same workout program week after week. Once your body adapts to the stress level of your current workout routine, you tend to plateau. In order to see continuous growth, it’s important to know when to change your workout routine. VPX Sports, the leaders in sports nutrition, are here to share some ways you can change your workout routine, and how to know when it’s time.


Is your workout boring you?

It’s easy to get bored of a routine if you’re sticking to the same one for too long. Being at the gym starts to feel tedious, and like it’s more of a daunting task than enjoyment. Find ways to make your workouts more fun and interesting, for this will give you something to look forward to every day. Instead of walking on the treadmill, opt for a brisk walk outside. You can also begin watching a series as you do cardio. Being focused on a 30-minute to hour-long episode of a good show makes time go by much faster than when you’re listening to the sound of every footstep you take on the treadmill conveyor belt.


What to change when you change your workout routine:

Sets. If you’re doing three sets of all your exercises, start doing four.
Reps. Increase your weight and decrease your reps, or decrease your weight and increase your reps.
Exercises. Target different muscle groups, or target the same ones with different exercises that weren’t in your last program.
Intensity. Increase the weight you’re lifting, or do cardio for a shorter amount of time with greater effort and exertion.
Length of your workout. If you’re spending 30 minutes at the gym, add 5-10 more minutes a day. That’s initially like adding one extra workout into your program.
Goals. As your body changes, your goals should change too. If you don’t have a specific goal, now it the time to pick one and work towards achieving it!


How often you need to change your workout routine

There’s no specific timeframe in which you need to be switching things up, because for some people, a gym routine can work for months at a time. If you see your overall progress beginning to stall or if you’re bored with your workouts, you need to make the change.
If your workouts are becoming too easy, that’s another reason you need to be changing your workout routine.
Although muscle soreness does not necessarily mean muscle growth, if you haven’t felt sore in quite some time, then it’s time to change your workout routine.


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