Betaine: Proven Muscle Builder

Betaine, the better muscle builder, is found right in Bang Master Blaster.

Betaine a compound found in Bang Master Blaster was found to increase muscle mass and slash body fat simultaneously. Bang Master Blaster is the premier pre-workout blend that contains fully dosed ingredients such as Super Creatine, citrulline, caffeine, 2:2:1 ratio of BCAAs, beta alanine, and last but certainly not least, betaine. Many fitness competitors may not be familiar with betaine, but betaine is a wonderful muscle builder.

Betaine is thought to enhance performance and increase muscle by increasing muscle protein synthesis. Another mechanism in which betaine can help increase muscle growth, strength, and size is through increases in the anabolic hormone IGF-1. The the other main mechanism of betaine is an osmolyte, or a compound, that increases cellular hydration status. Betaine can also increase anabolic activity similar to creatine, another supplement that increases intracellular concentrations to promote cell hydration and resilience to stressors.

Below lists a few studies that suggest betaine can increase performance, as well as increase lean muscle mass.

– One study had healthy, resistance-trained men supplement with either betaine (1.25 grams twice per day) or a placebo for 14 days. They then performed the same training protocol. Halfway through the study, they switched groups so the team taking the betaine received the placebo, and the placebo group received betaine. At the end of the study, the betaine supplementation improved bench press power, isometric bench press force, vertical jump power, and isometric squat force.

– Another study showed that betaine supplementation increased anabolic hormone IGF-1 response to resistance exercise and anabolic signaling in skeletal muscle.

– The most impressive study demonstrating the anabolic effects of betaine lasted six weeks. In a resistance training study, two groups supplemented with betaine (2.5 g/day) or a placebo. At the end of the study, the researchers found that the betaine group was able to increase their training volume to a greater extent and showed decreased fat mass (-6.4 pounds) and increased lean body mass (5.3 pounds), whereas the placebo group showed essentially no change.

– A recent study published in ISSN found that women who took betaine (2.5 grams per day) for 9-weeks increased muscle mass and lost body fat simultaneously. At the end of the study, body fat decreased significantly more in the betaine group (-3.3 percent) compared to placebo (1.7 percent).  Lean muscle mass increased more in the betaine group, compared to the placebo group.

These studies point to betaine as a beneficial supplement for improving the body’s response to exercise training. Many companies do not use the correct clinical doses of betaine in their supplements, but Bang Master Blaster, the pre-workout to build muscle faster, uses the full dose of 2.5 grams of betaine in each serving.

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