Bang Master Blaster to Build Muscles Faster

University proven: VPX’s Bang Master Blaster study results are in!

For the past few months, VPX has been documenting the numerous benefits that come from consuming Bang Master Blaster to build muscle faster. VPX is one of the few companies that can back up their products with research, and we’ve been patiently waiting for the 23rd research study to date examining the revolutionary pre-workout. The results are in and they’re huge! The study was recently presented at the International Society for Sports Nutrition in Phoenix titled “A randomized crossover, double-blinded, placebo-controlled study of the effects of acute oral ingestion of Bang Master Blaster Pre-Workout on exercise performance and clinical safety markers.”

The study was conducted by Dr. Neil Schwartz and colleagues at the University of South Alabama, measuring endocrine responses (GH, IGF-1) and muscle performance after one serving of VPX’s Bang Master Blaster.

REAL ATHLETES: No Rats, No Test-Tubes, or Untrained Athletes

What makes this study unique is that the participating subjects were resistance-trained men – the exact type of consumer that takes Bang Master Blaster on an everyday basis. There were no rat studies with dosages that a human could never attempt to ingest or test tubes where cells were added to other ingredients for a reaction. These are real life, hardcore athletes, just like you and me, that train their ass off! Many supplement companies will use untrained men in their studies, which as you can all remember when you first start off, your gains in the gym are insane. Your strength and size go up just by looking at the gym when you first start off, but after that, your progress slows down. It’s much harder for a well-trained athlete to make gains in size and strength because you reach a ceiling effect. Gains come at a much slower rate with well-trained athletes. With that being said, we wanted to use well-trained athletes for this study, which is the hardest to demonstrate legitimate increases in muscle performance and endocrine responses.

 Study Breakdown

The researchers had subjects come to the lab and do the following initial strength tests.

One-repetition maximum (1-RM) for both the bench press (BP) and leg extension (LE) exercises.

– Participants were then tested for muscle power with the vertical jump (VJ) and seated medicine ball throw (SMBT), following by muscle endurance with the bench press and leg extensions at 70% of 1-RM to fatigue.

See the chart below:

What Happened?

Explosive power and muscle endurance were significantly enhanced after just one serving of Bang Master Blaster.

– One serving of Bang Master Blaster improved vertical jump by an average of 2.2 cm (almost a full inch) or 3.71%.

One serving of Bang Master Blaster improved leg extension endurance by an average of 2.4 repetitions or 11.71% at 70% of 1-RM. 

Anabolic Hormone Responses to Bang Master Blaster

One of the things we were interested in study was the acute anabolic responses to Master Blaster. GH is a powerful anabolic hormone that increases fat loss and has positive effects of building muscle. IGF-1 exerts powerful anabolic effects of building muscle as well. Most bodybuilders refer to increasing blood IGF-1 as the holy grail of muscle growth.

One serving of Master Blaster increased serum IGF-1 by 12.30% after a single bout of exercise compared with placebo.
– One serving of Master Blaster increased serum HGH by 189% after a single bout of exercise.




There were no effects on whole blood and clinical chemistry markers.


Acute ingestion of Bang Master Blaster increased lower-body power and endurance as measured by the vertical jump and leg extension repetition tests, respectively. Additionally, Bang Energy pre-workout supplementation resulted in potentially favorable serum IGF-1 and HGH responses without adversely affecting clinical safety markers. Future research should be completed to test the effects of this supplement on chronic adaptations to resistance training.

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