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Just another reason why we’re the front runners in sports nutrition.

There are hundreds of BCAA products on the market today, but Amino Rush by VPX Sports is completely revolutionary in its formulation. One advantage that Amino Rush has over every other BCAA product is its patented ratio of BCAAs – which is 2:2:1 (Leucine: Isoleucine: Valine).

First, there was a 2:1:1 ratio, then the 4:1:1, followed by 8:1:1, and now there are 20:1:1 ratios.  Other supplement companies are not keeping up with the latest science as they continue formulating products based on a lack of research. Leucine is a potent amino acid, but this does not mean you can take a boatload of leucine and neglect the other amino acids. In addition to its effect on increasing muscle protein synthesis, leucine also increases insulin. Too much leucine could lead excess insulin release; however, that’s where leucine’s little brother isoleucine is a necessary amino acid. Isoleucine helps increase glucose uptake in muscles and enhances insulin sensitivity. Taking too much leucine without enough isoleucine can result in a metabolic dysfunction. Amino Rush is the only product that contains an equal amount of leucine to isoleucine ratio. The latest study titled, “L-Isoleucine and L-leucine, may increase glucose uptake through insulin-independent effects in healthy, inactive adults” should be a real wake-up call for fitness athletes to use Amino Rush.

Study Breakdown

Men consumed either:
1. Isoleucine
2. Leucine
3. An equal combination of isoleucine + leucine; OR
4. Placebo

Study Results

At the end of the study, isoleucine + leucine induced a slight glucose reduction concurrent with a counter-regulatory rise in glucagon. This data indicates that isoleucine + leucine may influence glucose uptake independent of insulin. This data supports the concept that the BCAAs isoleucine and leucine must be taken in an equivalent amounts, and may affect glucose uptake in muscle independent of insulin.

This very important study shows that Amino Rush, which contains an equal ratio of leucine to isoleucine, can increase glucose uptake in muscle. Remember, a large amount of leucine without isoleucine will increase insulin levels. If blood glucose is not being absorbed by muscle, chances are it is increasing the likelihood of insulin resistance.

If you are looking for a revolutionary BCAA product that is superior to all other BCAA supplements on the market, Amino Rush is right up your alley.

L-Isoleucine and L-leucine, may increase glucose uptake through insulin independent effects in healthy, inactive adults.  Daniel E. Newmire, Eric Rivas, Sarah E. Deemer, and Victor Ben-Ezra. ISSN abstract 2017.

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